Tingting Zhang

3rd Year PhD (under Prof. Manikas)

Contact Details:

Phone: + 44-(0)20-759-46309
Fax: + 44-(0)20-7594-6302
Email: tingting.zhang@ic.ac.uk

Tingting received her B. Eng degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China in 2003. Whilst an undergraduate, she was one of the top students in her grade and was the recipient of first class scholarship for 3 consecutive years (year 2000-2003). Since 2003, she has been with the Communications & Array Processing Group, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Imperial College London and is working towards her PhD degree under Prof. Manikas.

Research Interests

  • DS-CDMA, and OFDM-CDMA arrayed MIMO systems
  • Blind channel estimation using array processing techniques
  • Transmitter and receiver beamforming
  • Space time block coding based transmit diversity



Zhang T. and Manikas A.
OFDM-CDMA Array System For Interference Cancellation
Proceedings of HERCMA05 (Computer Mathematics & its Applications), September 2005.


Ng J. W. P., Zhang T. and Manikas A.
Space-time block coding based MIMO array receiver
Proceedings of IEEE ISWCS2004 (International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems), pp352-356, September 2004.


  • Travelling, Music, Sports

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