Pete Wilkinson

Beyond Writing Up (under Dr Manikas)

Contact Details:

Phone: + 44-(0)20-759-46309
Fax: + 44-(0)20-7594-6302

Peter is ready to submit his thesis and he recently got a job with Verticalband Ltd.

Research Interests


C Lee J.S., Wilkinson P. and Manikas A.
Semi-blind Satio-temporal Channel Estimation for CDMA Systems
IEEE Proceedings - Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM),Vol.1, pp.20-24, November 2000.
C Lee J.S., Wilkinson P. and Manikas A.
Blind Multiuser Vector Channel Estimation for Space-Time Diffused Signals
IEEE Proceedings of ICASSP,Vol.5, pp.3061-3064, June 2000.
C Manikas A., and Wilkinson P.
Adaptive Delay Synchronization & Reception in DS-CDMA Communication Systems
Proceedings of COMCON7, pp.669-680, Athens, July 1999.
C Manikas A., Lim S.S & Wilkinson P.
Adaptive H-inf Delay Tracking in Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems
IEEE Proceedings of ICASSP, Vol.VI, pp.3217-3220, Seattle, USA, May 1998.


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