Jason Wee Peng NG

Research Assistant (under Dr Manikas)

Contact Details:

Phone : + 44-(0)20-759-46310
Fax : + 44-(0)20-759-46302
Email : jason.ng@imperial.ac.uk
WWW : http://skynet.ee.ic.ac.uk/ng.html

Jason W. P. NG is a Research Assistant in the Communications and Signal Processing Research Group and he is currently undertaking the EPSRC project on "Integrated Multiuser Reception & Vector Channel Estimation" (IMR & VCE) in the Array Communications and Processing Research Team.

Jason Ng was a research engineer from the Centre for Wireless Communications. He was the inventor for the antenna module of the RFIT (Radio Frequency Identification and Tracking) system, which was transferred technologically to CET Technologies for commercialisation; and the pioneering team of the Neurodynamics Based Chaotic (NBC) Communication project (which has won the National & Science Technology Award), later spin-off as a company named Cellonics Incorporated. He was also a lecturer in the School of Engineering of Nanyang Polytechnic, conducting the course titled "Wireless Technologies". In the year 2000, he co-founded a partnership dealing with the fundamental and technical analysis of various market financial derivatives.

Jason was conferred the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) with a minor in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. He was awarded the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce Medal for being the top student in the B.Eng(Electrical) 4 Examinations and three Dean's list awards in recognition of his outstanding scholastic achievement. He was also awarded two Best Business Idea (top) awards for the technological breakthrough proposed in the area of wireless communications. He currently holds two patents and was the author of several notable software packages. Some of his works includes the {1}Simple Genetic Algorithm in C named SGA-C Software Package version 2.0 (download also available in the University of Southampton website or the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society at WSEAS.org), a widely used package based on David Goldberg's popular book "Genetic algorithms in search, optimization, and machine learning"; and the {2}Analysis/Synthesis of Coplanar Strips (CPS) named ASCPS Software version 1.1(download also available in RFGlobalnet.com website), a simple and quick designing tool distributed as a freeware to RF engineers worldwide in order to push forward the research of CPS technology.

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy"
Apart from work, Jason enjoys mountain climbing, backpacking, hiking, roller-blading, motor-biking, and jet-skiing. In the course of his study, he was the vice-chairman for the Engineering Rag and Flag; the head of publicity for the Entrepreneurship Society; the group councillor for the Engineering Orientation Camp; the councillor for the Engineering Orientation Week; the supervisor for the NUSSU Computer-Based Learning Centre, the team leader for the Outdoor Activities Club, the participant of the Guitar Ensemble, and the member of the Varsity Christian Fellowship. Due to his outstanding involvement in the varsity extra-curricular activities, he was awarded the Engineering Colours Award by the National University of Singapore.

Research Interests

MIMO, Space-Time Signal Processing, Integrated Multiuser Reception & Vector Channel Estimation, Chaotic Communications,
Genetic Algorithms, MIC/MMIC/RFIC, Miniaturized Antenna Design.

List of Publications

J Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
Diversely-Polarised Array in Blind MIMO CDMA System
IEE Electronics Letters, to be submitted, May 2004
J Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
Blind Asynchronous MIMO CDMA Array Receiver With Transmit Diversity
IEE Electronics Letters, to be submitted, April 2004
C Jason W.P. Ng, T. Zhang and A. Manikas
Space-Time Block Coding Based MIMO Array Receiver
1st International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, submitted, September 2004.
C Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
MIMO Array DS-CDMA System: A Blind Space-Time-Doppler Estimation/Reception
IEEE Proceedings of ICASSP, Vol.2, pp.337-340, May 2004.
J Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
A Space-Diffused Spatial-Temporal ARray (STAR) Receiver for DS-CDMA System
Invited Paper for International Journal in Hellenic European Research in Mathematics & Informatics Science (HERMIS), Vol.4, pp.131-152, 2003.
J Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
A Novel MIMO Array Receiver in Frequency-Selective Time Varying Channels
EURASIP Special Issues Journal in Multiuser MIMO Networks, submitted, November 2003.
C Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
Diffused Channel Framework for Blind Space-Time DS-CDMA Receiver
Hellenic European Research on Computer Mathematics & its Applications (HERCMA), September 2003.
J A. Manikas and Jason W.P. Ng
Crossed-Dipole Arrays for Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol.52, No.1, pp.122-131, January 2004.
C Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
Polarisation-Angle-Delay Estimation using Crossed-Dipole Array for DS-CDMA Systems
International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, Vol.1, pp.259-262, Santorini, Greece, July 2002.
C Jason W.P. Ng and A. Manikas
Diversely Polarised Arrays in DS-CDMA: a Space-Time Channel Estimation Approach
IEEE Proceedings of ICASSP, Vol.3, pp.2617-2620, June 2002.
C S. Uysal and Jason W.P. Ng
A Compact Coplanar Stripline Lowpass Filter
Asia Pacific Microwave Conference, Vol.2, pp.307-310, July 1999.

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