Li-Ke Huang

3rd Year PhD Student(under Dr Manikas)

Contact Details :

Phone : 0270-594-6310
Fax : 0270-594-6302
Email : li-ke.huang@ic.ac.uk
I received my first degree (1st class Honors) in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Central Lancashire (1997) as an exchanged student from University of Shenzhen (China, since 1996). After my master degree in communication and signal processing at Imperial College (1998), I subsequently stay on to further study in the Communications and Signal Processing Research Group under supervision of Dr. Manikas towards my PhD degree. I am working on space-time processing for wireless communication systems. The main focus of my research project is to design array transmitter/receiver structures and the corresponding modulation/demodulation techniques for the future generation wireless networks (UMTS,IMT2000) that intend to support many more users at high data rate in the presence of severe channel distortions. My study at Imperial College had been made possible by the award of the Oversea Research Studentship, and I expect to accomplish my doctoral study by October 2001.

Research Interests

During my study at Imperial College, I develop research interests in the areas of signal processing and physical layer digital communications, in particular:


C L.K. Huang and Manikas A.
Blind Adaptive Single-user Array Receiver for MAI Cancellation in Multipath Channels
EUSIPCO Proceedings, Vol.II, pp.647-650, September 2000.
J L.K. Huang and Manikas A.
Space-Time Channel Estimation and MAI Cancellation in DS-CDMA Systems
Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, November 2000.