Georgios Elissaios

Third Year PhD student (under Prof. Manikas)

Contact Details:

Phone: +44-(0)207-594-6309
Fax: + 44-(0)20-7594-6302

Georgios Elissaios was born in Athens, Greece. In the period 1999-2003 he studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London and was awarded the M.Eng degree with First Class Honours. Since 2003 he is working towards his PhD under Prof. Manikas. He is currently sponsored by the Defence Technology Centre working under project 6-5.

Research Interests


J Elissaios G. and Manikas A.
Array formation in Arrayed Wireless Sensor Networks
HERMIS-mu-pi International Journal of Computer Mathematics and its Applications, vol.6, pp.122-134, March 2006 (ISSN:1108-7609)
C Elissaios G. and Manikas A.
Multi-Carrier CDMA MIMO in Arrayed Wireless Sensor Networks
Proceedings of IEEE ISWCS2005 (Wireless Communication Systems), September 2005.


Work Experience



I enjoy football, skiing, sailing and sea-sports.

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